Run-up to Ilmensky and Bazhov festival gather speed

Run-up to Ilmensky and Bazhov festival gather speed

The ski center "Sun Valley" held a meeting of the organizing committee.

In June, Miass Borough will host two Russian forum. One of them, Ilmensky festival of art song, gather their fans for the fortieth time. Bazhov festival will this year, the twenty-fourth in a row.

Each of these cultural events of a story, but now they share a common ground - the ski resort "Sun Valley". Events will take place at intervals of one week: Ilmensky - from 10 to 12 June, Bazhov - from 17 to 19 June.

Progress in the preparation of the organizing committee of the meeting was the theme that held the first deputy minister of culture of the area by Jan Komissarov and director of the Chelyabinsk regional center of folk art Oksana Gromova. Administration of Miass city district at the meeting was represented by the deputy head of the Social Affairs Dmitry Kirsanov, said the municipality.

The "Solar Valley" great experience in a variety of sporting events and art festivals. Feature Ilmenki and Bazhovki - huge, twenty thousand, the number of participants.

Questions reception, delivery, placement and ensure the safety of the participants considered the retreat. It took not only indoors, but also directly in the places where they will be located scenic platforms and live participants.

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